Back-To-School Budget-Friendly Tips…

August 3, 2020

It’s back-to-school season, and that typically means buying a lot of stuff to prepare kids for the start of a new academic year. While 2020 may look a bit differently (some schools may enact online learning and/or hybrid models), kids will still need a few essentials—from backpacks to electronics. Here are a few tips to keep your back-to-school shopping within your budget.

  • Take advantage of early-bird sales— Stay on top of back-to-school sales. Instead of stocking up for the first few months only, try to buy items for the entire school year. Plan for the long-term to make the most of early-bird deals.
  • Make a plan before shopping— Be prepared before you hit onsite or online stores. It’s dangerous to shop without a well-thought-out list, because it often leads to impulse purchases. Ask your child’s school or teacher for a list of required items to help you build your list and take the guess work out of what your child needs.
  • Look for “used” items—You can get great deals when you shop for “used” items online. For example, Amazon offers the option to buy used, which typically means an item has been returned and simply re-boxed. Many times, you can get a brand new, re-packaged item at a big discount.
  • Search your home first—Remember to look at home for items before spending money on new goods. Many supplies, like notebooks, pens, backpacks or basic electronics, will often be sitting, forgotten and unused, in closets and desk drawers.

Back-to-school time can be hectic and expensive. Planning ahead will help you save more and stress less!